Adipo-x is another fat burning solution from Axis Labs that claimed it to be made out of an advanced fat-loss technology.

It is stated by the manufacturer on the official website that the main function of Adipo-x is to raise the secretion of natural adrenal hormones called epinephrine and non-epinephrine.

Besides, it is also proclaimed to give extra energy, faster fat burning than before, appetite suppression by means of hunger reduction and lean muscle. In their own words, “Adipo-x advanced fat-loss technology can help you burn the fat you are ready to get rid of faster… guaranteed”.

However, unfortunately during the review, we did not find anything like testimonial or medical proof that could establish the claims as made by the manufacturer.

TestoGen like any other fat burners also contains a number of ingredients which as per their claims will work like a miracle. These include – Vitamin B1, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Calcium Carbonate, Sesame Seed Oil, Caffeine Anhydrous, Raspberry Ketones, Capsaicin Extract, Yohimbe PE, Ginger Root Extract, Coleus Forskohelii, Green Tea, Bioperine and many more. In fact, the list of ingredients is quite a long one. However, if you will look at the official website, it seems that this fat-burner relies mostly on the component named – Coleus Forskohelii as it is specifically mentioned everywhere by the manufacturer! Furthermore, all these ingredients are said to provide increased fat-loss, metabolism rate and appetite suppression along with energy boosting capability while reducing crave for foods.

Adipo-x fat burner has the following advantages
It comes in the form of liquid capsule.
Few of its ingredients may help in raising the metamorphosis process.
It has a good impact on thyroid glands.

We have noticed the following disadvantages associated with Adipo-x–
No details have been provided on the ingredients used in the product.
While browsing through the site for review, we noticed the severe mention of only one single ingredient – Coleus Forskohelii, which is doubtful.
It does not offer any pre-purchase trial.
Only one pack is available and that is the 120 liquid capsule one.
Some of its ingredients are already known for their side-effects, for example, Capsaicin may lead to stomach upset.

Therefore, as you can see from the review that there is no evidence, which could convince us about the efficiency of Adipo-x fat-burner? And we do not recommend it to anyone for the reasons like lack of testimony both users as well medical and absence of ingredient detail.

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